Senseg, the leading developer of spatial haptic solutions asked us at Blixt & Dunder to design a prototype application of an in-vehicle radio that enables users to find and operate touch screen radio controls by feel. The prototype demonstrates how adding tactile feedback to touchscreen controls can reduce driver distraction. Senseg displayed the in-vehicle infotainment system at CES in Las Vegas.

This is me

My name is Daniel and I'm a Swede living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm a designer and concept developer with a wide range of experience in the European media industry. Creative minded strategist who delivers exciting and thought leading work for all clients. Easy to work with, and passionate about developing and focusing the skills of the team(s) around me. Significant knowledge of emerging trends in fashion, design, mobile, gaming, blogging, and social networking. Plus, experience in planning and directing photo and video shoots. I run a design agency called Blixt & Dunder. If you have…


Rejseplanen (2 new items)

Rejseplanen is the mobile journey planner for public transport in Denmark and one of the top apps in the country with more than 1.2 million downloads.

In 2012 we redesigned the app based on extensive user research, personas, and the client’s own goals. By redesigning the app we increased the daily usage of the app and moved up its rating from 3 stars to 4 stars in the App Store.

Done while at Creuna