Blixt & Dunder - Blixt / Bow tie

Read more about Blixt, the limited edition bow tie at

Direction / Camera / Editing: Daniel Zander

Roskilde 2008

Intro for Roskilde special, DR2 (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), 2008.

Direction / Editing: Daniel Zander
Camera: Peter Refsgaard
Music: MGMT - Time to Pretend

En verden af musik

Intro for music show, Pirat TV (Danish Broadcasting Corporation), 2010.

Direction / Animation: Daniel Zander
Music: Tommy Seebach - Bubble Sex

What Do You See?

Ever wondered how your newborn sees the world? Well, now there’s an app for that.

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Direction: Daniel Zander / Jonas Westesson
Art Direction / Post production: Daniel Zander
Camera: Johan Sundell

Blixt & Dunder - Kniven / Knife

Read more about Kniven, the limited edition, handmade knife at

Direction: Daniel Zander Camera / Editing: Daniel Zander Music: