Art Direction


In December of 2011 Blixt & Dunder released Kniven (the Knife), a handmade pocketknife with a weatherproof rosewood handle, broad, curved blade and decorative brass ornament and rivets. Kniven is a classic nautical knife, made by the German manufacturer Otter-Messer for Blixt & Dunder in a limited run of just 60 knives. Kniven sold out in less than tree weeks.


The Outpost is a independent Lebanese magazine of possibilities. It identifies, understands and analysis the conflicts, morals, energies and opportunities of a changing Arab world and lays down possible futures. In the fall of 2013 Blixt & Dunder were asked to art direct the third issue of the magazine. The issue carries the subtitle The Possibility of Getting Lost and wherein the different stories focused on getting lost by choice or by accident.

The Capital of Falafel

Brownbook is an urban lifestyle guide focusing on design, culture and travel across the Middle East and North Africa. It is publish six times a year and Blixt & Dunder were asked to do a small supplement magazine about Malmö and the rich falafel culture in the city for the 2013 spring issue.


Redesign of Denmark's biggest radio station, P3.

Done while at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

What Do You See?

A new baby is naturally the focus of its parents attention, and over the first few months millions of questions will surface. One of them is “what is my baby seeing?”. We have tried to answer that question by building a simple and user-friendly app which lets you simulate* what your child sees during its first year of life. What Do You See was designed by us at Blixt & Dunder based on an idea from our friends at V.32 and the app was coded by Applied Phasor.

Kurb Caps

Kurb Caps is a mother and son company that sells handmade bike caps. I was part of the process from the start and developed the identity and name as well as the simple packing design based on classic brown paper bags and a stamp.


Gässling is a small company based in Malmö that makes underwear for men who have grown tired of underwear targeted towards teenagers. All their underwear are ecological produced.

In 2011 we at Blixt & Dunder helped Gässling become a company by designing their logo, packaging and website. Gässling wanted a Scandinavian identity so we gave them one.


It takes a person of strong character to put on a bow tie for the first time. With the bow tie around one’s neck you will join the ranks of some of the world’s most opinionated people and you risk being looked upon as a snob, someone who is trying to make a statement, someone who revels in the attention.

There is nothing wrong with being the focus of people’s attention, but make sure you wear a stylish bow tie made out 100% silk.